How do we keep Florida beautiful?

Keep Florida Beautiful works with our network of more than 40 county and city affiliates to engage and educate citizens, visitors, and communities to improve Florida through litter prevention, increased recycling, education, and beautification efforts.

Our Initiatives

  • Recycling

    The KAB Affiliates of Florida conduct Recycling/Waste Reduction workshops statewide throughout the year.

  • Litter Prevention Education

    Our affiliates organize over 80,000 volunteers statewide to participate in cleanup events that remove and recycle almost 5 million pounds of litter.

  • Environmental Education

    We work with educators to incorporate litter prevention, recycling and environmental stewardship into school activities and curriculum.

  • Solid Waste Reduction

    The average American generates over 4 pounds of trash every day. Keep Florida Beautiful promotes solid waste reduction through easy-to-implement solutions.

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From the Keep Florida Beautiful Blog.

  • The Importance of Clean Recyclables

    People in Florida have been recycling for a long time. Many of us started out old school.  We collected materials in our homes and dutifully drove to the recycling center to lovingly separate and deposit our carefully tied newspaper in the big roll-off; our corrugated cardboard in the other big roll-off; our steel and aluminum cans in each of...

  • International Coastal Cleanup Day – September 17, 2016

    Did you know there are 1,350 miles of coastline surrounding Florida? Many people work hard to keep those beaches and coastal areas looking their best for Floridians and visitors. On September 17, 2016, many of the Florida affiliates will participate in the Ocean Conservancy’s annual International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) and join forces with groups worldwide to shine a bright light on...

  • The Impact of Littering in our Communities

    Take a Stand to Change Behaviors and AttitudesWhen you see someone throw trash out of a car window, what is your immediate reaction? How do you feel when you see litter in your neighborhood or on your street? The impact of littering does more than raise your frustration level. It can harm the environment, pets, and wildlife. Did...

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Keep Our Paradise Litter-Free!

Keep Florida Beautiful's supporters make our work possible. Join the movement and help support affiliate programs, cleanup campaigns, education, litter prevention, and beautification initiatives.

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